I AM HERE Advent Challenge

Do something different this Advent!


As we prepare for Christmas, often our to-do lists are long and our stress levels feel high. But Advent is a time for us to slow down and—even in the busyness—hear Jesus say to you, “I am here.”

We invite you to spend a few minutes each day this Advent preparing to celebrate Christmas and the gift of Jesus, by joining the I AM HERE Advent challenge today!

By joining the challenge, you’ll be preparing for Christmas a little each day! 

  • Receive a daily text message with an article, video, or quote to inspire you 
  • Spend a few minutes completing the short daily Advent prayer challenge 
  • Joyfully arrive at the celebration of Christmas ready to receive Jesus who says to you, “I am here”

Text “ADVENT” to 84576 to join or sign up here!

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