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“I felt a wave of love and of mercy emanate out to her”

Sherry Smith

Every year, I attend the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, California. Although I love going to adoration where I live, adoration at the “Sacred Space,” a beautiful sanctuary created at RE Congress, draws me every year — even more than the colorful and lively open ceremony and the thoughtful workshops. The faith of the others praying from all over the country lifts my own prayer. 

This year, I experienced something specific and new. At lunchtime on the first day of the conference, a woman wearing a knit hat came in. She entered the prayer area, a ring of typical conference center chairs, with such reverence. She knelt on the thinly carpeted floor. I was praying for my family and for those gathered. 

At that moment, from the Blessed Sacrament, I felt a wave of love and of mercy emanate out to her. I had the profound feeling that she was so precious. This wave of mercy was protecting her. I had the feeling that Jesus saw her and was thankful for her love and reverence. She is blessed every step that she takes.

I wish so much that I had told her this. But I felt embarrassed that the story was too strange. I felt like it would have been too odd to follow her out of the room. What could I know about her? 

I had heard about this website before RE Congress, and I've kept having the feeling to look it up. So I'm just writing the story now.

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