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Daphne, AL Archdiocese of Mobile


“My support and strength in all that I do”

Missy Schmidt

Our Eucharistic Lord is so very dear to me. He is my support and strength in all that I do. He has guided me in coordinating my parish’s perpetual Eucharistic chapel for the past 12 years. 

In 2014, when my first grandson was born with Pachygyria, I had been the chapel coordinator for three years. I asked all 400+ guardians (adorers) at that time to pray a novena with us for Charlie’s strength and healing. After observing six months of steady improvement, his second MRI showed a complete healing. There was no more fluid around the brain, his front atrophied lobe had grown to a normal size, and his smooth brain had developed ridges. Jesus is Who He says He is, and He can do all things. 

Stepping from the world and into the chapel feels like transcending time and space. Even when it is a dry and unfocused holy hour, I am still always aware in my heart that I have been with the Lord.

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