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“I’ve experienced the healing and transforming power of the Eucharist”

Fr. Matt Wagner

The Eucharist makes all the difference in my life - knowing that Jesus remains there, whether in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Monstrance, or in the Tabernacle. Knowing that the Lord is near is the constant reminder that Jesus’ words are true: “I am with you always, even until the end of the age.” 

I’ve experienced the healing and transforming power of the Eucharist most profoundly during times of great difficulty. When I find myself before the Blessed Sacrament during a particularly difficult season of life, or when something has gone wrong, it’s not as if the Lord makes all the problems go away. But what I do experience and know for certain is that Jesus is with me, He is present amidst any difficulty, and He will not abandon me. 

I love adoration because it’s a time to silence my heart, and to come before our Lord and God who waits for me!

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