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Corpus Christi, East Sandwich

East Sandwich , MA Diocese of Fall River


“I am already there”

Cindy Baptiste

I can’t live without Jesus in the Eucharist. Just as oxygen is needed to breathe, the Eucharist is food for my soul. 

Being with Jesus in the adoration chapel is the place I feel the most peace and where I go for answers. If I’m struggling with an issue or a person, talking to Jesus and listening to Him gives me the perspective I need. He never allows a trial without also showing me a way out and a way forward. 

Going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion is the nourishment my soul needs to grow in holiness. Living in the world can be difficult but knowing I can always draw strength from receiving His Word and His Body at Mass makes me whole. 

Early in my journey back to Christ, I was in the adoration chapel asking Jesus to please come into my soul. Over and over I prayed those words, probably a hundred times…and as only He could, He whispered to my soul: “I’m already there.” He gave me such comfort that day. 

I know Jesus is in my soul and in the chapel, really and truly present. I trust and yearn for the day I will see Him face to face…for now, in the Eucharist, I just look at Him and He looks at me, and I am at peace.

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