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Corpus Christi, South Bend

South Bend, IN Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend


“It is when I feel closest to Jesus.”

Suzanne Horban

The Eucharist is everything that my faith is centered around. Jesus gives us His Body and Blood so that we can have eternal life. It is when I feel closest to Jesus.

COVID-19 gave me an appreciation for the Eucharist because I was not able to attend Mass or receive Jesus’ Body and Blood because of the restrictions. I also suffered with COVID for three weeks. I took the Eucharist for granted before then. Since our Masses are still live-streamed, the prayer for Spiritual Communion is offered. I like to pray along with it in my head, changing the words slightly, to affirm my belief in the Eucharist and prepare myself to receive Jesus.

I have been fortunate with the help of my family to be available to attend daily Mass, hear the Word of God, and receive the Eucharist. It has been a blessing.

Our world is full of so much noise. It is wonderful to just be able to listen to Jesus speak to me. Whether I am praying, reading, or just kneeling or sitting there, His guidance comes to me.

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