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“God is All Powerful”

Capt. Daryl Gonyon

I am a convert to Catholicism. At age 19, my wife-to-be Lauretta said she would not marry me unless I was Catholic. I had no deep knowledge of any religion, but loved her and told her I would study deeply and ask questions. In 1960, I completed a correspondence course focusing on Catholic theology sponsored by the Knights of Columbus entitled, “Father Smith Instructs Jackson.” That was followed by evening “Inquiry” classes at Otis Air Force Base in Massachusetts given by a Catholic religious sister whose convent was in Wareham, MA. 

A key teaching by both sources was that God is “All Powerful.” In lay-person’s terms, I understood and believed that meant that God could do anything He wanted to. I never questioned that fundamental belief. When the concept of the Eucharist was taught, I never doubted that if that was what God wanted, He could certainly do it. Many years later when I was teaching 2nd graders about First Communion, a student asked, “Where does the priest get his power from to make a communion wafer the Body and Blood of Christ?” Yes, a 2nd grader asked that. My answer was quick, “From God.” It really is that simple. 

At Mass, I am aware that Christ is present as Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. I dwell on the fact that because of His Presence, I am privileged to be experiencing this miracle as have billions of people since the inception of this miracle over 2,000 years ago. Today, and each and every day, every hour of every day, throughout the world this is happening. 

I am drawn to Mass. I can not explain why I feel that I must go to Mass. I am not a daily Communicant, but I have averaged 4-5 Mass attendance weekly for many decades. I also do the Stations of the Cross before each Mass, Sundays included.

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