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St. Charles Borromeo

Fort Wayne, IN Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend


“He is always there waiting for me”

Joshua Schipper

The knowledge that Christ's True Presence exists in the numerous tabernacles of our diocese is a terrific reminder of His sacrifice for us. I can see several Catholic churches out my office window, and I know He is present in each and every single one. 

Regular Eucharistic adoration allows me to take a step back from the hectic day-to-day activities of my life and reflect not only on my personal thoughts, but also on Christ's great sacrifice and love for me. It is a weekly reminder that He is always there waiting for me.

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“I thank God for using my little son to bring me closer to His Son.”

Diae Hunter

This morning at Mass I saw a young boy start to cry because he was too young to receive the Eucharist. His tears touched my heart because I too, once cried for the Eucharist. 

I was raised in the Methodist Church and continued in that faith tradition after I married a Catholic man. When my 5-year-old son started talking about Mommy’s church and Papa’s church, I knew something had to change or my children would grow up thinking it doesn’t matter how they worship. I decided I could get as much from attending Catholic Mass as from a Methodist service, so we began attending Mass together as a family. It didn’t take long before my heart began to hurt when, Sunday after Sunday, I watched everyone else receive Jesus in the Eucharist and I couldn’t. The only solution was to become Catholic and I started RCIA class as soon as possible. 

On January 25, 1998, I was confirmed and was finally able to receive Jesus – Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. That day, 25 years ago, was the beginning of a new journey with Jesus. 

Changes came slowly at first. I had a lot to learn. After I was taught daily mental prayer and began to attend daily Mass, my relationship with Jesus only grew more and more. 

The hardest thing about the pandemic was not being able to receive the Eucharist for so many weeks. Jesus is always present but never so present as in the Eucharist. I thank God for using my little son to bring me closer to His Son.

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“It unites me to Jesus in the most intimate way”

Dr. Chris Wroe

The Eucharist feeds my soul, bringing the peace and joy of Christ into my heart. It is Jesus' body and blood, uniting me to Him in the most intimate way. His love is seen in each Eucharistic host, reminding us of His sacrifice for us, dying upon a cross.

I was a helper on pilgrimages to Lourdes and witnessed amazing transformations through the Eucharist. Miracles happen. My mother was dying so she received Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion. After the priest left, she woke up and was very much alive! If we doubt the power of the Eucharist then we are doubting the power of Jesus.

I love Mass because it takes me to the Last Supper and reminds me of how much Jesus loves me (and all of us). The readings remind me of how His presence was foretold and how God never deceives us. The presence of other people during Mass reminds me we are one Church, the bride of Christ and God's children. The presence of others in the Mass also reminds me of the good people who have died – some martyrs for the faith – and others who did what they could to share their faith throughout their lives. In the Eucharist we come together as one Church to be the one Body that is Christ within our world. He lives through us.

Missing Mass leaves me empty and less prepared to face whatever challenges may come my way. Jesus wants us to know Him as friend and Savior. It begins with prayer – a conversation – and taking holy Communion, allowing Him into our very being.

Adoration is my private time with Jesus and when I am most at peace in His presence. I set my attention upon Him. In my heart I listen to whatever thoughts He gives to me. I try to empty my thoughts of what is going on in my life but sometimes I need to bring these to His attention. He is my best friend, so sometimes I want to listen and sometimes I need to speak.

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