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St. Joseph, Fall River

Fall River, MA Diocese of Fall River


“I ask Jesus to speak to my heart”

Carol Levesque

I have very fond childhood memories of going to church with my parents at 3:00, on Sunday afternoons for “Benediction.” How very quiet it was upon entering. But even so, there was something very different about this afternoon “visit”. Everyone was so still, staring at the altar or with eyes closed in prayer. I didn’t fully understand at that age, but knew it was something special and liked going each Sunday to also take in the singing, prayers and scent of the incense. 

As I grew older, I have no recollection of hearing about Adoration for many years with the exception of when I had the opportunity to experience various women’s retreats and Cursillo. Then at some point, many years later, our parish began to have the church open one day a week for several hours for Adoration. I began to attend weekly and grew to look forward to my time there, and to this day I love spending time in Adoration. I usually bring a meditation book and a journal. I ask Jesus to speak to my heart, healing and guiding me with His love, thanking and praising for always being with me. Opening my book, I read a brief meditation and gaze upon him in the Eucharist and upon the cross, loving Him, and listening. Sometimes I sense an overwhelming peace, or He may flood my mind with thoughts, memories or consolations. I jot down what I experience so I may continue to ponder and pray on it in the days ahead. I always leave adoration feeling like “ jello,” so at peace and connected to Him and knowing His love is like no other! An hour that seemed like a few moments has changed me and I am so grateful. 

Now, every time I walk into a church, I look at the crucifix and ask Him to never let me forget that He did this for me: dying on the cross. And if that wasn’t enough, He reveals to me that blood He shed and offered for me and all His children in the most Holy Eucharist. We are so loved and blessed!

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