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“Sitting before Jesus is so remarkable”

Vickie Lortie

The Eucharist is the way I can be closest to Jesus. He becomes my nourishment for going into battle. It is how I come to know Jesus in the depths of my soul. 

Once, while chaperoning for World Youth Day in Wadowice, Poland, at the childhood church of St. John Paul II, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace, awe, and joy while coming forward to receive the Eucharist. It was humbling to think that the same Jesus that came to JPII – a saint – was coming to me in the same way, in the same location, and He loves us both the same. I often go back to that moment when I receive the Eucharist. Jesus offers Himself freely to each of us; we just need to receive. 

I love going to Mass because it is the most perfect way we can worship as a group. The Liturgy of the Word draws us into the way to live, while the Liturgy of the Eucharist feeds us and gives us the nourishment to live out the call of the Christian life. 

Sitting before Jesus in the Eucharist is so remarkable. If I have some problem to solve, I can give it to Jesus to work out. If I need encouragement, He is there. Sometimes I talk to Him, sometimes He talks to me, and sometimes we are just present with each other. The Eucharist is the best way for me to become closer to Jesus. He shows me in this gift how to be a gift to others and how to be humble. He nourishes me and helps me to live out my vocation. 

During the Covid shutdown of our churches, we were not able to receive the Eucharist for weeks. It was such a wake-up call to how much I had taken the Mass and Eucharist for granted. Once the churches reopened, I had a strong conviction to attend daily Mass as much as I possibly could. During those shutdown weeks, I formed the habit of watching daily Mass online and longed to receive Jesus, body, blood, soul and divinity. 

The parish where I work, St. Jude, is blessed to have a 24/7 Eucharistic chapel. It makes all the difference! If I need inspiration, motivation, or clarity, I can just go and sit with Jesus for a few minutes, and He fills me with peace, allowing me to get back to work with Him guiding me. I also think it is good to have a regular, scheduled Holy Hour. This reminds me that Jesus sets aside time just for me and I need to be sure to set aside time just for Him. The fruits that come from a weekly Holy Hour commitment are remarkable. I recommend others to sign up for a weekly Holy Hour at your local chapel.

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