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“I envision the Eucharist as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”

Jacob Fiala

For many people, including myself sometimes, it's so easy to look past the Eucharist and not what, but WHO is behind it, since we witness it every Sunday, or even daily. It was a big change for me entering seminary, because I would get to experience the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every day of the week. For someone who only went to Mass on Sundays, it wasn't always easy to see the divine beauty every time the priest elevated the host. 

As time went on in prayer, adoration, and days of silence and solitude with the Lord, I was reminded of the Eucharistic miracles that our Savior Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life has so graciously revealed to us. I thought of the consecrated host in Poland in 2014 that was examined, and was found to be a piece of heart tissue that was so stressed, it had gone through a pain no one could ever comprehend. 

Every day since I recalled these instances, I envision the Eucharist as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Moreover, each smaller host does not represent something of lesser value than the one that the priest elevates. Instead, every single one of them is the Love of Christ himself poured out for us. It has led me to believe with utmost confidence that the Eucharist is indeed the heart that suffered so immensely for all of us, and encouraged me to enter into Jesus' eternal love that will never diminish.

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