“I am in the presence of my Savior”

Amanda Tarantelli December 29, 2022
Bishop Stang High School North Dartmouth, MA

The Eucharist has brought a much needed peace to my life. Knowing that when I go to Adoration, when I sit in the chapel in our school, or when I am into church that I am in the presence of my Savior, who is also my best friend, makes each moment a moment of grace. This does not mean every day is easy. It just reminds me that I'm not alone. 

I have had some significant losses in my life but none greater than the loss of my brother. I remember walking out of the church behind his casket wondering how I was going to keep going. And so I walked back down to the front of the church and just knelt in front of the tabernacle. Jesus gave me the strength to get up and keep going. He has kept me going. 

I love going to Mass and receiving Communion because it is a reminder that not only is Christ present in each tabernacle but that He is also present in each of us at Mass. We become living tabernacles. It is our responsibility to share that real presence of Christ with those we meet. 

I love to sit as close to the monstrance as possible when I am at Adoration. Adoration is the place I feel the most comfortable with myself. It is where I am sitting with my Best Friend, where I am free to feel every emotion, to be the most vulnerable, and to be unconditionally loved.

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