“I truly Believe in what I saw that Sunday”

Anonymous September 21, 2022
St. Priscilla Livonia, MI

This really happened to me. I attend church at St. Priscilla’s in Livonia. I usually go to the 9 o’clock Mass. About six years ago when Fr. Theo was still the pastor, I attended Mass. I made it a habit when the host was raised for consecration to see if I could see the face of Jesus on the host. Fr. Theo used a large host that had imprints on it. I sat in the middle of the church’s main aisle, about six or seven pews from the altar. With the sunlight and the imprints on the host, it made shadows.

After the host was raised and I said, ‘My Lord and my God,’ I looked to my right in the church. There was a man who looked different. His hair was shoulder length but parted in individual strands, about a quarter of an inch to half an inch each, banded on the end with a brass or golden like clip or ring. He was dressed with a button-type shirt with the neck of the shirt being too large.

At first I thought he was another parishioner whom I didn’t know. He looked right at me and I got the message from him that said, ‘l died for you.’ From where I was sitting, he sat on the right side of the church, about 25 feet from me. But the pew he was sitting in, if you followed it to the wall of the church, the stations of the Cross are on that wall. The station that was at the end of his pew was Christ dying on the cross.

Yes, I believe Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist. I do not wish my name to be given out with this testimony. People will say I was hallucinating. But I truly believe in what I saw that Sunday.

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