“Jesus showed me the way through”

Cathi Kennedy April 19, 2023
St. Monica Mishawaka, IN

January is a time when people choose a word for the year. This is often something like “courage,” or “resilience,” or “light.” This practice can be a good tool to help focus on positive self-talk or an aspiration for professional growth. I did not choose a word for the year but I did have a word that came to me during Adoration: “Resentment.” That’s the word that, in quiet communion with God, came upon my heart. 

It was not what I was expecting and I was confused at first. Resentment? Why not “connection” or “encouragement,” something with a more positive connotation? Something to aspire to? But as I sat in front of Jesus and thought about it, I realized it is exactly the word I need. As always, He showed me the way through. 

Working through the resentment that’s built up in my heart will create the space for good things like encouragement and connection, and maybe some peace.

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