“He gives me the strength to keep going”

Elaine Sinnott April 5, 2023
St. Francis Xavier McKean, PA

The Eucharist keeps me centered on Who matters most and what matters most in my life.

I remember sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament and reading the story of the woman at the well. As I was reading it, I was suddenly very aware of the Lord’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament. I heard, “The conversation I had with her at the well is just as real as the conversation I am having with you now. You are sitting as close to me now as she was then.” This is something I hope to never forget! What a gift His words were in that moment.

I love how the Eucharist is a visual example of how individual Jesus’ love is for each of us. The God of our universe is available to come to little me, each and every day. What an intimate gift! 

I love the peace that comes with every visit. This world is chaotic, my own world at home is chaotic with six kids, homeschooling, and another baby on the way. It’s the perfect way to remember who my vocation is lived for and the love I feel from Him at every visit fills me up each time. He gives me the strength to keep going and to be courageous enough to be a witness for His love.

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