“He filled the whole room to confirm his presence”

Ifeyinwa Nwaneri August 3, 2022
Corpus Christi Detroit, MI

I have so much love for adoration. It is the only place I find peace—where I can lay it down and let it go. It’s a place I’ll go and it’s a place that’s more powerful than any other place I can be. I have experienced so much power from it.

Jesus has given me many gifts through the Blessed Sacrament. One time, he appeared to me in the chapel. He filled the whole room to confirm his presence when I was in doubt.

Another time, I  was very worried I may have had breast cancer and I asked to be healed. The lump I had detected went away after I asked him to heal me when I was in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Once, during Mass, he allowed me to see heavenly beings. And regarding the Eucharist, he even told me, ‘I reduce myself in this form just for you.’

I came to America from Nigeria several years ago with my family. And when I came I said, ‘God, why am I here? I don’t know what I’m doing.’ He told me to look for a clue. That he would speak to me in a clue. He said ‘Open your eyes. Everything around you speaks.’

I had the inspiration to go to adoration all by myself. Because my friend had the key, I could go to the church and be alone for hours. It gave me peace. They were seeing my need and my taste for it so they allowed me to go to the chapel and it gave me peace.

When I found Corpus Christi Parish, they didn’t have a specific chapel, they just had adoration in the church. But I was still at home with it.

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