“He is Somebody simple and good”

Irene Saunders April 12, 2023
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Martin, SD

I long for adoration because my best friend, my counselor, my good guide is there. What kind of Person is He? Looking at the host I see that He is somebody simple and good. I find out more as I sit there, in the same way that if I sat with a friend. My husband, my children are gone. But how pure, how kind is this Person I am looking at. And He knows me. 

I start a conversation, usually in writing. It follows through like a regular conversation, in which you have talked about everything, big and small. 

When I ask a question, one common answer I get is, "Look at Me." How mysterious! Yet how hopeful. To me, that says that I do not have to follow paths that at first sight seem obvious, logical by my habits, but that I would do well in remembering the qualities I see when I look at Him. Even when I don't actually see Him and it is easier to forget. 

I leave my Holy Hour reconstituted. We all need a touchstone. And I have found one... until the next time we meet.

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