“The Eucharist is my life!”

Joe Preston April 5, 2023
St. Francis Xavier McKean, PA

The Eucharist doesn’t make a difference in my life, it literally is my life. Without the Eucharist, I have nothing. 

When I am going through tough times whether it be school, work, relationships, family, if I stay connected to Mass and adoration, I can really say “it’s ok” in every and any situation. 

Man eats the bread of angels and now we can live forever. It’s easy to think of Jesus’ Incarnation as something that happened long ago. But Christmas happens everyday at Mass. That’s what I love about it. Jesus, everyday that I take part in the Mass and receive Holy Communion, takes on my flesh and comes to me, uniting me to Himself. 

Like Mass, adoration is a sneak peak of heaven. Adoration changes people, it changes me. When we sit there and look at Jesus as He looks back at us. We become more like Him. We are able to see our littleness and His infinite love for us more clearly every time.

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Jesus is truly present. Jesus is always with you. Sit in his presence and open yourself up to his voice.

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