“It has been truly a gift to be able to sit freely with Jesus.”

Kathleen Radtke October 4, 2023
St. Gabriel the Archangel McKinney, TX

Beginning my day with the Eucharist has become my mainstay. I know that I need to stay connected to Jesus throughout my day, especially at work and with my family, so starting my day with Mass has allowed me to keep Jesus close at hand. I can truly feel a difference in my day if I can't make it to Mass. 

I had a powerful encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist about 15 years ago, on a retreat during Adoration, as I was slowly coming back to my faith. I felt His presence so strongly that evening as the priest walked slowly through the room holding the monstrance. So much so that my heart felt like it was quite literally burning. At first, not knowing what was happening, I thought perhaps the room was just getting warm. But later that night, someone came up to me and told me that during Adoration, he had opened his eyes, saw me across the room, and that my heart seemed to him to be glowing. That was the first time I had ever had a physical manifestation of the Lord being present to me. Adoration continues to be a powerful experience of being close to the Lord for me. 

I love going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion because I know it's the closest I can physically be with Jesus during the day. That time just after Communion allows me to simply sit with Jesus and allow Him to work in me. My prayer is that the more I receive Communion, the more like Jesus I will become. 

I crave silence in this busy world. Adoration allows me to slow down, focus on Jesus and simply be present to Him. I used to have the need to bring reading to do, pray the rosary or read Scripture during Adoration. But lately, I have been content to simply sit quietly with the Lord. This took time to be comfortable with, but it has been truly a gift to be able to sit freely with Jesus.

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