“I’m forever and eternally grateful”

Maria Greco March 1, 2023
Holy Name Fall River, MA

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is my refuge. Jesus in the Eucharist is truly the anchor of my soul. The Lord’s love for me brings Him down to become bread, in order that I may commune with Him, abide with Him, adore Him. How many times have I come to Jesus downtrodden and sad, and an hour later I leave with a heart lighter than a feather?

Adoration for me is not simply a religious practice, but truly an encounter with the living God. Whether Jesus inspires me to be silent before Him, or encourages me to confide in Him, His faithful and steady presence remains before my eyes. His quiet and still presence attests to His humility; He listens to me, to the stirrings of my heart and the thoughts of my mind. Although it seems as though He is silent, He tells me everything and speaks to me through His Word and in the silence of my heart.

From adoration, I’ve come to understand that Jesus is my best friend and the faithful lover of my soul. Although I’m completely exposed to His immaculate gaze, He does not rebuke me, but rather His gaze is like healing rays that bind up and satisfy the aching heart.

Truly, I cannot express the holy amazement that I have for the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, except that I’m forever and eternally grateful.

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