“It gives me the peace this world cannot offer or understand”

Mary Lockwood October 12, 2022
Our Lady of Good Counsel Plymouth, MI

The Eucharist feeds me like nothing in this world can… It gives me the peace this world cannot offer or understand. The Eucharist is everything.

I’ve experienced the transformative power of receiving God’s mercy and forgiveness each and every time I receive the Eucharist. Transformation happens every time. I cannot explain it fully.

When I am at Mass, I sometimes see the angels and saints, and truly quite vividly and realistically. They are surrounding the altar, most especially during the transubstantiation, and initially are in the back of the pews, welcoming all to step forward to receive Jesus. It is a gift, I know, to see and experience this. But then, the most amazing part is when Jesus is standing at the altar with his hand outstretched with such love and forgiveness for me, always.

I am a Called & Gifted interviewer and at the end of every interview I encourage and suggest that the person gives themselves the gift of adoration. Some may have never gone to adoration, and, most say they have trouble finding the time to fit in an hour of adoration. I pray most take heed of my suggestion and gift themselves this time. Spending time with Jesus in adoration is a peace the world cannot give. There is no other place like it.

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