"God’s family became my family"

Maryann Kalytka October 25, 2023
St. Isaac Jogues Rapid City, SD

I find in the Eucharist a medicine for the stress I am currently experiencing in my life. It is in one sense a physical reminder that my God is always there for me and though I may not see, know or understand His planned solution, I am reminded there is one. 

It is at Mass that I learn more about this God who calls me into His family. It is where we celebrate our family. Notice I did not say faith family; but family. That is because when my own family was estranged from me, God's family came in and became my family. Because they became for me grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, I was able to heal; I was able to reunite with my biological family in a good way and come to see them form their own relationships with our Lord.

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