“I believe the Lord healed me”

Maryella Hierholzer March 29, 2023
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, IN

I love praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament because I’m with Jesus. We can talk to each other more easily at adoration because it’s like sitting with a friend. 

In 2004, I felt led to begin praying a holy hour once a week during adoration at my parish in Maryland. I believe it was the call of the Holy Spirit to sustain and heal me because a part of my heart’s mitral valve was lodged in my right eye. My eyesight in that eye got much better and I was able to continue working full-time and later to take full retirement with no disability. 

God gave me strength through the rosary and a bottle of holy water from Lourdes, but I believe the Lord primarily healed me through the power of the Eucharist at weekly adoration. Thank you, Jesus! 

The Eucharist is everything to me. It’s Christ himself. The Mass is heaven on earth. Going to Mass and receiving Communion is the best part of every day!

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