“God gave me my heart’s desire”

Melissa Klipp November 2, 2022
St. Joseph, Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL

I sought out Jesus during adoration to ask for his guidance. We knew our four foster children would be available for adoption soon, once their parents’ rights were terminated. With three biological children already, my husband and I didn’t know if we should adopt them. I prayed the Rosary during adoration and at the end, I asked for guidance with our foster children and asked if we could conceive identical twin girls with blue eyes and brown hair. That week, we found two families who wanted to adopt our foster children and the next month we found out we were pregnant with identical twin boys. They were born a month after my dad passed away in August 2020 and a month before my mom passed away in November 2020. They just turned two and have striking blue eyes and brown hair. (For additional context: Our older three boys have gorgeous brown eyes.) The twins were truly a message from God, who gave me my heart’s desire during a trying year.

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