“This builds into grace after grace in our marriage”

Patricia Budd March 15, 2023
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Northampton Northampton, MA

The Eucharist is the center of my life.

I have experienced healing beyond words through the Eucharist. I have had physical, mental, and spiritual healings; it is why I am Franciscan today. I have a devotion to the Eucharist and give praise to the Holy Trinity, meditating on the sacraments God gives to us as Catholics.

When I can’t go to daily adoration or Mass, I will have online live Eucharistic adoration. St. Clare of Assisi always had her gaze upon the Eucharist and the cross, so as her spiritual daughter I wish to follow in her footsteps. The angels would be jealous of one thing if they could and that would be because as humans we can receive Our Lord they cannot (St. Maximillian Kolbe).

I love going to Mass and receiving the Eucharist, because we receive our God most high, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We receive Christ’s body, blood, soul, and divinity. It mixes into our body, blood, soul, and humanity — it is the most intimate moment with God. When there is the Eucharist, there is everything. Nothing else matters.

In adoration I can be with my beloved Lord God, to kneel before His greatest love, and to adore His holy presence, to praise Him, bless Him, and to love Him. My husband and I go together and this builds into grace after grace in our marriage.

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