“It's just Jesus and I. Me and Jesus. Jesus and me.”

Paul Byron November 15, 2023
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Waseca, MN

The Eucharist makes the difference to me knowing of God's love and how deep and personal His love is for me. By living a life of prayer I am able to grow in knowledge and understanding of how I can live in the Spirit. I never have to return to the slavery and feelings of living a life of redundancy wondering “What is my life all about? Why am I here?”. 

Once I realize God's love for me I want to receive Him properly, heart, soul and mind. He longs to give me graces that work quietly, and mysteriously in my heart. Often unnoticed I am able to see Him in others and others are able to see Him in me. When Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is among us, we don't have to go somewhere else or wait for some day because the kingdom of heaven is within us. 

I love going to Mass and preparing by calling to mind my sins and calling upon God to be merciful. I listen to the readings and its theme. I love singing the Psalms. The Gospel and homily challenge me to live the life I'm called to live. 

I love the early morning adoration that I have on Tuesdays at 6:00 a.m. In adoration I come and present myself to Jesus truly present. I begin with the office of the readings in the 4 volume and continue with morning prayer. It's a beautiful experience! If I am alone during this adoration time, I often sing the hymn and continue to morning prayer. I bring my journal because our Lord never ceases to inspire me with his wisdom! Amazing! It's just Jesus and I. Me and Jesus. Jesus and me. Good, bad, ugly. I'm here, Jesus is here and that's what matters. I can tell Jesus what I can't tell anybody else. I only get love and acceptance.

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