“Truly I was blinded before”

Tom Demshuk December 14, 2022
St. Gerald Farmington, MI

Without Jesus I can do nothing. 

I would have died many times over if it wasn’t for the healing power of Eucharist. Here, I have the most powerful healing prayer: God of the universe present as He enters into my messy sin and begins to remove the coverings I have placed over His love that is in all of us. 

I have found that the Mass is heaven on earth. I would just keep being disappointed and distracted, which the evil one loves to do. And how I used to cringe, thinking, ‘Oh no, not that Gloria again, making Mass longer! I mean, I’ve got things to do!’ But not now, not after reflecting on my sinfulness and being truly sorry and forgiven. How can I keep from singing? And that’s just the beginning. Truly, I was blinded before, but now I go to Mass as often as I can. It’s not a duty, not something to get over with, but a privilege and desire to worship and be grateful and to be in love again, and again, and again. 

Some have told me I’m just wasting time. 

I have told them that if going to Mass is wasting time, may I never do a lick of work again.

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