"Eucharistic Adoration Has Spoiled Me"

Tom Hilt January 18, 2023
Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rapid City, SD

Our parish has perpetual adoration of the exposed Jesus. Because of this gift, I have the opportunity to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day. Whenever I am in town, I go and I pray before Jesus for an hour. What do I receive? Inspiration. Challenge. Purpose. And there is always shalom, the peace that remains no matter what other waves crash during the day. 

There are times when I need to travel for my work. I have found around the country that it is very hard to find such a daily opportunity. I've even sat outside churches, where I assume the Blessed Sacrament is on the other side of the wall, praying and wishing that the wall was not there. I am so, so grateful to live where I do – in a city with perpetual adoration and in a house only five minutes away from the church – in large part because of this gift of encountering Jesus any time I wish. 

Eucharistic adoration has thus spoiled me. Prayer is never richer than looking directly at Jesus.

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