“I told him it was the Power of the Holy Eucharist”

Wanda Robinson October 19, 2022

Without the EUCHARIST I would have no life!!!

My spiritual director has asked me to pray for healings, knowing of my belief in the POWER of the Holy EUCHARIST, the intercession of the Blessed Mother, and my daily Rosary to the Divine Mercy. He believes in my EUCHARISTIC beliefs and considers me his prayer warrior.

He has come to me to pray for two people diagnosed with cancer. Both have been healed. He considers the healings a miracle; he texted me to thank me for my prayers. I told him it was the Power of the Holy EUCHARIST and Divine Mercy.

Going to church and receiving Holy Communion keeps me focused on GOD; it keeps me filled more than any food that will leave me hungry before the end of the day.

I feel a spiritual love more than I have ever felt with a man. I feel a warmth. I feel a spiritual power, a longing I don't ever want to leave. My hours of prayer in church make me feel like Anna in the Bible.

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