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“The Eucharist keeps me strong and faith-filled”

Cathy Burke

The Eucharist keeps me strong and faith-filled. It has brought me even closer to our Magnificent Creator. I love going to Mass, where I can hear God's Word and have the privilege of receiving God's greatest blessings to his children.

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“Though my house is a bit messy, he still enters my heart.”

Jacqueline Beltowski

The Eucharist is my Best Friend, so naturally, I would like to spend good, quality time with Him. I go to His house (a church or chapel) almost daily, so we can talk and listen to each other. During this time, I worship the Eucharist. To clarify, Jesus is the Eucharist, worthy of all praise. I get to encounter the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of my Best Friend. 

When I attend Holy Mass (the wedding feast), I visit Jesus with the rest of the congregation (my fellow wedding guests). I join the congregation in loving Him and letting Him love us in Word and Sacrament. The Eucharist then enters under my roof, my house, though I am not worthy. Yet, His mother, Mary, helps me clean the house of my heart for when Jesus walks in at Holy Communion. The Eucharist then accompanies me throughout the day, so I am ever close to my Best Friend. 

Whenever I pass by a church while driving or walking, I either wave at the Eucharist inside or salute the Eucharist with a “Hi, Jesus!” 

With all this talk of friendship, there is something I must confess. Do you know how married couples say they married their best friend? Well…I am going to admit that I am in love with the Eucharist. As a young Catholic woman, who has been “dating” the Eucharist, I have given Him my virginity. One day, I hope to become a consecrated virgin, to take Jesus alone as my spouse. It has been during my times with the Eucharist that I have heard Jesus telling me and moving my heart toward the consecrated vocation. 

O, to marry my Best Friend! To marry the Eucharist and get to receive Jesus whenever I attend the wedding banquet (Holy Mass)! 

My Best Friend has changed my life. So much so, that I want to marry Him. He continues to draw me closer, especially when I visit the Eucharist at His house. And, then I get closer when the Eucharist visits me at Holy Communion. Though my house is a bit messy, He still enters my heart. 

Now, I want to encourage you that your Best Friend wants you to visit Him, too. He wants to be in a relationship with you. May you visit His house often. May He converse with you and hear every one of your prayers. May you attend the wedding feast with your fellow guests. May He enter your heart and dwell there.

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“For a moment, I could only laugh.”

Jennifer Griffin

A few weeks back, I had a few work obligations that were canceled. So, I prayed for work and God provided. That weekend the temperatures dropped considerably with snowy conditions. I needed to travel to Ann Arbor one day and then continue to Lansing the next. As a thank you for the answered prayer, I decided that I would definitely attend Adoration and Benediction on Tuesday evening no matter what. Well, God put me to the test on my promise to see how important it was to me. 

Like I said, the weekend had dropped in temperature, along with snowy conditions. My drive throughout the weekend was not pleasant either day. Then on Monday, my car would not start, so I had to reschedule an appointment and cancel my volunteer work. Later, my car was jump-started. I thought I was good to go. 

Tuesday, my car died again with no one to jump-start it. The sun was out, but it was only about 10 degrees. I could have skipped Adoration, but decided it was worth the effort especially since God had answered one of my prayers. So, I did what came to mind. I had a warm parka, boots, hand and foot warmers, etc. I would make a pilgrimage. I knew I wasn’t going to make Benediction because it’d be dark when it ended, so I went to Adoration in the afternoon. 

It was cold, but I was bundled up and I actually felt comfortable in the conditions. I made the trek to the church. The terrain wasn’t the best in some parts, but I managed it. Not long before I arrived at the church, it occurred to me that Adoration might be canceled due to the inclement weather. What was I doing? What was I thinking? I had come too far to turn around now. I kept on. Within 40 minutes of my start, I had reached St. John XXIII only to find a note attached to the door. It said something to the effect of: “Adoration and Benediction are canceled today in the church, but the chapel is open.” Really?! Just my luck. 

You need a code to enter the chapel and I normally do Adoration in the Church. I hadn’t been to the Chapel in a while, so would the code I have still work? Yes, the code let me enter the chapel. It was then that I noticed a text alerting me to the cancellation I saw on the church door. For a moment I could only laugh. I was pleased that I made this journey; after all, it was in appreciation for what God had done for me. He had tested me and I prevailed in what I said I would do. I spent an hour there, then made the trek back home. Although the walk was around three miles in total and in such weather, I was glad to have made the pilgrimage to the church that Tuesday.

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"I used to attend adoration every week in between dialysis and chemotherapy."

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