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St. Aloysius

Detroit, MI Archdiocese of Detroit


“The greatest good I could have on this side of heaven”

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“It is my time in front of the Blessed Sacrament that sustains me today as a priest”

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“I never again complained about going to church on Sunday”

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“Going to the Lord and allowing him to take control”

Stephen Peck

It was May of my junior year in college and I was studying abroad in Ireland. I had just gotten rejected from three separate internships for the upcoming summer, and it was now only three weeks until I was supposed to go home. I was extremely discouraged and felt hopeless.

For whatever reason, I walked down to the Catholic church at the end of the street from our apartment and went in. There was no one else in the sanctuary, so I just went in front of the tabernacle and sat down. I don't remember my prayer specifically, but I remember just sitting there and giving him everything – my worries, my failures, my fears.

There was no revelation in that moment or the rest of my time in Ireland. But I traveled home to Michigan three weeks later and over the span of the next month, I was connected with someone for a summer internship interview, I landed the internship, and then shortly into that internship, I earned an offer to return full-time the next summer. I spent four years there and it was truly a transformative experience.

I went from no internship to a full-time career in less than two months, and it was all made possible by going to the Lord and allowing him to take control. Adoration has been a core part of my life ever since.

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“I struggled with the feeling of not knowing who I was”

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