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St. Charles

Newport, MI Archdiocese of Detroit


“The most necessary part of my day”

Paulette Jones

I am an educator, and I experienced the most challenging school year of my career during this past year. Over the course of the school year, I would often be observed asking people to pray for myself and the staff that I worked with. Just a few short months ago, a friend invited me to the adoration chapel at our church and I went for the first time. After my first visit, I felt compelled to go again and visited almost every day the following week. During that time, I decided to commit more of my time during the Lenten season to spending time at the adoration chapel and learning more about Christ's passion. This ended up being the most spiritually impactful experience of my life. During my time spent in adoration, I found the strength and peace that I needed and improved my relationship with God. I found my ‘priorities’ have shifted and realized that I should not have tried to take on the challenges of my life alone. I now seek God through extended time in prayer when I need strength. Now, I find my time spent in eucharistic adoration has become the most necessary part of my day. I finally realized that I cannot do ANYTHING without intercession and intervention. In addition, my time spent in adoration has also increased my love and appreciation for the sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist. It has truly changed my life in ways I did not think possible.

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