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St. Edward on the Lake

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“I am reminded that all things are possible with God”

Keyna Behnan

The Eucharist allows me to feel a physical closeness to Jesus in the most intimate way possible. It is healing and makes me feel whole. Before converting to Catholicism, I did not experience this feeling of intimacy and completeness in worship.

I was raised Protestant, but my husband and I agreed to raise our kids in the Roman Catholic Church. With no intention of converting, I attended RCIA so I could be supportive of my family. Initially, I could not accept the concept of transubstantiation. After multiple conversations with a priest, prayer, and reflection on miracles, I finally accepted this belief into my heart. The first time I received the Eucharist, I could feel a change in my body, both a physical and emotional response which moved me to tears. I knew immediately that I was truly experiencing the presence of Jesus. The closest image I can use to describe it is a child, snuggled up to their father, protected and unconditionally loved.

Holy Communion is grounding. Being that close to Jesus reminds me that the purpose of living is to follow him. I am a sinner, but when I receive Holy Communion, I feel God’s forgiveness and love. That feeling motivates me to live a Christian life.

Adoration reminds me of the miracle of Jesus’s physical presence in our midst. In quiet prayer, I am reminded that all things are possible with God. Although God is everywhere and can always hear our prayers, praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament makes me feel more ‘heard.’

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