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St. Mary of the Presentation

Geneva, IN Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend


“What perfect love He has for us!”

Linda Linn

I remember that as a child, a calm came over me every time I received the Body and Blood of Our Lord in the Eucharist, but I think that somehow I might have become complacent and took it for granted. 

Years later as an adult server, being so close to the miracle of changing bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Our Lord definitely gave me a new appreciation for what happens. I felt a calm come over me I hadn’t felt in a long time, and it happens every time I go to Mass now. 

I feel the love it took for Jesus to take on the form of man and do this for us. Because He became man, He felt every little thorn and every nail that pierced His body. He didn’t have to do this, but He did because of His great love for us. He is willing to forgive our sins no matter how serious or how often we commit these sins. What perfect love He has for us! 

I truly believe this affects how I treat loved ones and people I meet on the street. I also have a deeper appreciation for the Christmas and Easter seasons, as well as Benediction and Adoration. I walk away from these services feeling totally refreshed and loved. I want to return that love any way I can.

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“I am filled with awe and purpose”

Jeanette Johnson

Jesus is Emmanuel – God with us – really and truly in the Eucharist! 

In the Mass and in receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, we are in communion with Him and each other, fulfilling His words in Scripture. 

For me, the Eucharist brings Scripture, the teachings of Holy Mother Church, and God's leading in my life all together, fitting in such a way that I am filled with awe, peace, a sense of comfort, strength, and purpose to bring Jesus to my world. What an indescribable gift we receive as frail human beings each time we come to Mass and receive him. 

I love adoration because of the amazing peace and calm that fills my soul.

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