“My life is so much richer”

Margie Buschur July 12, 2023
St. Mary of the Presentation Geneva, IN

I grew up in a small midwestern town of about 2,500 people. There were a few factories around and a large number of farmers. My father was a farmer and my mother was a homemaker. They raised a family of eight children. Although they both worked very hard, it was equally important to raise us as “good Catholics.” 

Ours was a predominantly Catholic community and everyone went to Mass on Sunday. Many of us also attended Mass on weekday mornings before school. We sat with our classmates. We went to Confession once a month. We received our first Holy Communion and were confirmed by a bishop who drove almost three hours one way to get there. We also had a Mass when we graduated from high school. There were many impressive things going on at church. We had 40 hours of devotion from time to time, and frequent Benediction. 

In the afternoon of the Sunday before All Souls Day, we would form a procession using the main highway in town and walk to our cemetery about a mile away while praying the Rosary. A homily would follow. 

I married my husband in that same church and raised my children in the Catholic faith. Even though I taught CCD and was involved with the youth group, the busyness of life placed my faith somewhat in the background. This was not intentional; life pulls us in many directions. But it does go full circle. This is what drew me to the Eucharistic Revival and I AM HERE. I think I was thirsty. The Revival and I AM HERE made me realize that Our Lord has been with me every step of the way – through the good and the bad. 

Since I attended the opening meeting of the Eucharistic Revival for our diocese in Huntington, Indiana, I have been drawn in by the faith and desire to be more about Christ’s Body and Blood. I also read the book The Real Presence

Knowing the number of faithful who do not totally believe the Eucharist is truly His Body and Blood surprised me and made me sad. But the Walk With Me event in Warsaw, Indiana, showed me how many people do get it. I felt the Holy Spirit follow us in the procession to the final stop where we witnessed Benediction. Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades’ lectures and Mass at St. Charles Parish in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, once again brought alive to me the meaning of Jesus made present. This immersion has definitely deepened my love of the Eucharist. 

We must remember that when receiving His Body and Blood, Jesus is present in us. He told us this Himself and our actions should display this always. 

My life is so much richer knowing the Lord is fully with me during the Eucharist and every moment of my life. I feel it throughout my entire day.

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