“There is something so tangible and visible about going to adoration”

Mary Pat McDougall September 16, 2022
St. Scholastica Detroit, MI

When I consider why I feel so blessed to have been born and raised a Catholic, I know that of all of the reasons, the most important one for me is the Eucharist. How amazing is it that Jesus not only wants to be present in our churches, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, but He wants to share Himself with each of us in a personal way in Holy Communion!?

Although I am aware of the Real Presence of Jesus whenever I am in church, there is something so tangible and visible about going to adoration specifically. It helps me be less distracted when I can look at the monstrance. Those occasions where we have had all night adoration and I have signed up for a middle of the night hour have been especially meaningful. There is something awesome about walking into the church in the middle of the night and knowing that Jesus has been waiting for a conversation with me and that He is always there waiting for any of us to come to be with Him.

Our church has frequent adoration and I have to ask myself why I so seldom take advantage of the opportunity. During this year of the I AM HERE campaign, I am committing to spend at least an hour in adoration each week. I believe it will make a real difference in my life.

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